Does Change Status Privilege override Manual Valid Next Status setting in workflow?

I am seeing a behavior in the workflow of an ECO subclass, that for the Review type status just before the Release status, doesn’t have the Release status defined as its Manual Valid Next Status.
However, we have a Change Status privilege which has the Review status in From and Release status in To fields. So Agile is allowing to move the change manually from that Review status to Release.
Can anybody confirm that this is the intended behavior as per the product’s design?

Agile Expert Asked on November 1, 2018 in Agile PLM (v9),   Product Collaboration.
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Hi Swagoto

  No, it doesn’t override

  Agile knows that you can always move to the next status and hence it is not even presented as a choice. Here is the snippet from the Admin guide


The system understands that the next status in the workflow’s status list is always valid, so that status is not present in the Choices list.


 Hope this helps

Agile Angel Answered on November 1, 2018.

Thanks, I understand your point. But as per my practical experience, system is not behaving as per the Admin Guide 🙂 That’s why I’m curious to know if anybody has faced such issue.

This is the workflow status configuration, you can clearly see that Release is not in Manual Valid Next Status of this status.


But still, I can select it as a Next Status in Privilege.

on November 2, 2018.

Hi Swagoto

  I can’t see the screenshot you attached

  Are you saying you can see in “Change status” privilege in the From and To? If so, that’s the correct behavior

  Agile doesn’t show only in “Manual next status” because it is implicitly a choice

on November 2, 2018.
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Agree with you Swagoto. Have seen this behavior, it does override in 9.3.5 that i am using.

Agile Angel Answered on November 5, 2018.
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These are two separate but joined configuration settings.  In Workflow settings the Manual Next Status for an example would be used if for some reason you would allow the CO to move from Submit to Release – that would be a manual next status.  Then you would need a Change Status privilege with the settings in From and To.  You would need both to enable the action.

In your settings Release comes after CCB so that action is preset – but the user still needs, and has, a privilege to Change Status from CCB to Release.  If you were to disable that privilege you would not be able to move the CO.

Also, to note, Change Analyst typically have an Override privilege to would allow that role to move the CO as needed (also without approvals) so, be sure of which roloe you are using to validate the configuration settings.

Agile User Answered on November 6, 2018.
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