Deploy PX as Java Web Start

I am trying to deploy an executable JAR file with Java Web Start. The executable JAR file itself, which uses Agile PLM that creates an Agile PLM session. In order for this to work, I need the runtime parameter/argument “-Ddisable.agile.sessionID.generation=true”. 

The executable JAR file works if I use this command on the terminal, or if I set this property in the code using “System.setProperty(“disable.agile.sessionID.generation”, “true”);”. 
However, it does not work when I run it with the JNLP file using Java Web Start.

I also tried setting the property within the JNLP file :
<property name=“disable.agile.sessionID.generation” value=“true” />.

Has anyone ever successfully deployed a client PX using Java Web Start and how did you get it to work? Oracle has been slow to respond. Any input would be appreciated.

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Instead of writing Java app to be launched via PX, why not write a Web app (URL_PX) ?

Even if you created valid JNLP file to be launched (i.e. PX sends this jnlp file back), the user’s desktop may NOT have the pre-requiste Java environment to properly launch the Java code.  In fact, I’ve seen old laptops still running java 1.7 when all the PXs being written are using 1.8. => result failed launching of Java app.

The security setup on the user’s computer may be a different story.

Agile Talent Answered on March 27, 2019.
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