Creo/Agile upload and download errors

I work remotely for a company and use a VPN 100% of the time. Over the past couple of months I’ve been experiencing upload and download issues between Creo and Agile. Downloads and uploads get stuck at 0% approximately 75% of the time  I’m trying to perform that action (eventually times out with error “files can not be transferred: max number of attempts exceeded).  I’ll go through periods of several hours when I can upload/download without issue (speeds are fast) and then out of nowhere I’ll be unable to upload/download for several hours. Rebooting is not effective. Clearing Agile and Java cache does not seem to help. No known internet connection issues as I’m able to upload/download large files to my company servers while experiencing the Creo/Agile issues. The VPN will also disconnect if I lose internet so that would be an indicator of internet issues. Has anyone experienced this before over VPN? Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


Thank you.


Agile PLM Version 9.3.3 (Build 45)

XPLM Agile9 Connector V

Creo 2.0 M070

Java Version 8 Update 102

Agile User Asked on March 13, 2020 in MCAD Integration.
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I suggest reaching out to the partner who originally set up the connector.  These are finicky at best and they would be best to assist.

Agile Angel Answered on November 9, 2020.
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Hi! I suggest turning on AcpDebug and JNI_DEBUG within the AcpCustomer9.ini file located in your installation sub-folder \acp\ini , this will generate two logs (acp.log and proxy.log). I would also suggest running fiddler trace to track your activity. That being said it sounds like you are losing your connection between the client machine and the file server.  Also note that within the CAXConfig.xml the timeout is set for 15 mins, you could try increasing the value from 900000 to double (30 mins). Best practice would be to save child objects in as you create them and when it comes time to save the assembly it will only need to upload the assembly file and build the structure to the already saved children.

Agile User Answered on March 2, 2021.
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