Convert LDAP user to Database user in Agile

For some reasons, we removed LDAP configurations from Agile, now the issue is the users are unable to login, neither we are able to reset the passwords. Is there any way to convert these users back to Database users.

Agile Expert Asked on March 2, 2015 in IT and Networking.
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There will be script “migrateUsersToDB” available in Agile install directory

example location Disk drive :appsAgile933agileDomainbin

Usage: migrateUsersToDB [args …]
where args include:
-d <id> a valid LDAP config ID. Default: all ldaps
-v enable verbose output. Default: disabled
-r reset LDAP users (remove user’s LDAP info from database)
-R reset Agile users (use for upgrade DB auth to LDAP auth)
-? -h print this help message

Bible for all information is Agile PLM for such usecases: Agile PLM Installation Guide.

Agile Expert Answered on March 2, 2015.
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