ChangeApproveForWorkFlowEventPx: ActionResult code does not match result.

Hi All,

For one of the MCO, The dummy user was not removed automatically, when all the reviewers approved the Change Order. This is only the single scenario, rest for each scenario it was good.

Please find the message below:

ChangeApproveForWorkFlowEventPx: ActionResult code does not match result.

Want to know what is the meaning of this message.


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Hi, Can you please post the code of the ChangeApproveForWorkFlowEventPx PX?
At least the returned Action Result.
The object ActionResult returned seems to not be configured properly.

Agile Angel Answered on February 19, 2018.
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Hi Karan,

Which version of Agile are you using? I guess some version later than 9.3.3 because as per my experience this particular error started appearing after Oracle introduced the System Preference : Allow PX to Publish HTML?

Anyhow, the error message you have given mentions the it as a Event. However the error message suggests it’s a PX. Because Event’s doAction method returns EventActionResult while PX’s doAction method returns ActionResult. It will be difficult to answer without reviewing your code.

However, I can give some calculated hint. This error message generally comes when the code throws some Exception. In your code, from the doAction method you must have returned something like “return new ActionResult(ActionResult.STRING, String message);” but actually the code is throwing some Exception in runtime and returning that. However, it’s expecting a String instead of an Exception. You can try by implementing a try-catch block and returning new ActionResult(ActionResult.EXCEPTION, Exception ex); and then see if still the error message appears.


Agile Expert Answered on March 2, 2018.
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