Agile Advantage License Expires 2020

Agile Advantage started displaying messages for users today that the license is going to expire at the end of this month. Oracle’s AA license site indicates the same. I’m digging up old scripts to help customers who are stuck, but it’s been over a decade since I worked on AA and I can’t guarantee the license I have is going to work. I’m also reaching out to the old Agile crew to see if they have any solutions. Does anyone happen to have a known good license that won’t expire this year?

Agile Angel Asked on December 17, 2020 in IT and Networking.
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Agile is up and running for us again!  To get a new key, email and they will give you a new license key.  I would also make sure you go into your Agile administrator and change the warning period so you are not notified by the default number of days (8)…which gives you no grace period whatsoever to get a new key.

From the Agile administrator console…

Agile database>Licenses: License Key Warning Period (in days) = change it to at least 30 days.

Remember that any changes won’t take effect until you restart the service or reboot the server.

Agile User Answered on January 5, 2021.
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We’ve run into this exact same issue. Have you found any good solutions to the 12/31/2020 expiration?

Agile User Answered on December 22, 2020.
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Hi – we are in need of a license also.  Agile Advantage 2006 SP2.  Oracle seems caught unawares and is not able to help so far.  We’ve been getting an email every day at midnight saying:

Warning: Agile Advantage 2006 License key in eHub machine xxx-xxx-xxxx will expire in n days! Please contact your service representative to get a replacement key.


This site has keys that expire on 12/31/2020 – no help –

Anyone that has any info on how to get a legit key that doesn;t expire in 7 days please  contact me

Agile User Answered on December 22, 2020.
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So far, the best answer is to contact Oracle, assuming you still have a support contract, and force them to cut a new license key. I talked with the old Advantage product manager and he still has the key generator, in case Oracle can’t find it, and he will gladly send another copy over to them, but he cannot use it or give it to anyone other than Oracle, since it’s legally theirs.

If you don’t have a support contract with Oracle, I guess you can try contacting them anyway to see what they will do, and check your contract to see if there’s anything about forcing a change at the end of 2020. And hopefully you won’t have to take legal action.

An obvious path forward is to migrate to another solution. Given the time of year, this is going to be very difficult, but possible.

A possible Band-Aid solution is to revert the server clock backwards, but I cannot guarantee good results here, particularly with desktop clients, date mis-matches, sorting, etc., etc.

Some companies just need to have access to the data, such as for historical purposes. If that’s the case, an option is to extract all the data to PDX files (hire a temp!) or have consultants like myself write code to bulk extract the data into Excel / database of your choice.

Feel free to reach out if you have other questions or solutions to this issue.

Agile Angel Answered on December 22, 2020.
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Quick update, we received word that AA customers will be getting a new license key. We suspect they will be posted on the license website next week:

Agile Angel Answered on December 23, 2020.
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I have been trying to get through to someone at Oracle that will provide direction, but no one seems to even know what I’m talking about.  Has anyone heard any more updates on when keys are going to come out on the URL referenced by keithrust?  I just checked and there don’t appear to be any keys posted yet.

Agile User Answered on December 31, 2020.
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i sent email and received the new licence key.

can you guide me how to update to the new key ?

Agile User Answered on January 27, 2021.
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