Access Item url from Sharepoint

We are trying to access Agile Item from share point site but getting an error. Any suggestions ?


Steps to replicate:
1. From an item in Agile, use the Copy URL to Clipboard menu to copy the item URL.
2. From a Sharepoint/Onedrive folder, add a new link, pasting in the copied URL.
3. Click the link.
4. An Agile Application Error Page opens saying “This GET request is not allowed, module: ItemHandler, action: displayObject.”

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Please use the URL in this format: http://<Your Agile URL>/Agile/object/<Item’s subclass name (if it contains space, replace with %20 & so on)/<Item Number>

Sample URL:


Agile Expert Answered 6 days ago.

Great… that worked thank you

6 days ago.
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