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  • Agile User Asked on June 6, 2022 in Product Collaboration.

    Personally, I usually check this by fetching the IAgileClass of the affected item, and then using the isSubclassOf method:

    ITable affectedItems = ichg.getTable(ChangeConstants.TABLE_AFFECTEDITEMS);

    Iterator it = affectedItems.Iterator();


         IRow row =(IRow)

         IAgileClass subcls = row.getReferent().getAgileClass();



         else if(subcls.isSubclassOf("Parts"){





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  • Agile User Asked on August 25, 2021 in Agile PLM (v9).

    Hi Jackie,

    I believe this is an issue with the workflow configuration in the admin client.  You would have to check that workflow configuration and then go to the Released status and make sure that there is a criteria there that matches the parts you are trying to release.  Its possible your affected items or MCO don’t meet any of the defined criteria and I believe that would be why you encounter that error.


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  • Agile User Asked on March 19, 2021 in Software Development Kit (API).

    Hi Sabarish,

    We have a PRE event set up with the following.  I think it could also be a POST if you aren’t trying to error anything.  Should be able to get details from the IFileEventInfo object

    IFileEventInfo fEvent = (IFileEventInfo) event;
    IEventDirtyFile[] files = fEvent.getFiles();
    String fileName = new String();
    for (IEventDirtyFile edf : files) {
         fileName += edf.getFilename();

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  • Agile User Asked on February 3, 2021 in Product Collaboration.

    Hi AJ,

    I’ve had the best luck mapping the dashboard to a Saved Search and using the out of the box “Workflow Routings”.  There should be one called “Changes that require my approval” which should capture any pending approval.  There is also another one called “Changes that require my acknowledgment”.  I believe the “Workflow Routings” upper tab (beside the dashboard tab) is driven off these non-editable searches. Access to the “Workflow Routings” searches is controlled via each user’s profile “Searches” attribute.

    Would that work?


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  • If you’re subscriber is set up as a “Pre” event, you cannot fetch the item this way as it doesn’t exist yet.  If you need to be a pre-event, you wuld have to use the dirty cells to fetch the create new attributes.

    Otherwise, you should be able to use the method you have with a “post” subscriber.


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  • How is your event subscriber set up? I believe it would need to be set up as a “Pre” Trigger Type event and Error Handling Rule should be set to stop.  Any exception that occurs from the PX will stop the Save-As from happening.  Throw the string you want to present the user as an AgileDSLException

    Example: throw new AgileDSLException(“You Cannot perform a SAve-As….”)

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  • Agile User Asked on November 28, 2019 in Software Development Kit (API).

    Hi Gunni,

    I think you need to change your params map to

    "942339395101"); params.put(ManufacturerPartConstants.ATT_GENERAL_INFO_MANUFACTURER_NAME,

    as the row needs to related to the MPN (ManufacturerPartConstants not ItemConstants)  Not sure if you can update the “Preferred Status” within the same params during the createRow, or if you have to update it after the row has been created.  Either way, the “Preferred Status” would remain an “ItemConstant” variable.


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  • Agile User Asked on November 4, 2019 in Agile PLM (v9).

    I believe this is related to the “File Folder” Auto-Number running out of available digits.  Check this in the Java Client, Admin, Data Settings, AutoNumbers node.

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  • Agile User Asked on October 4, 2019 in Product Collaboration.

    You mentioned that the supplier user has the “Discover Users” privilege, but do they have any sort of “Read User” privilege? Perhaps they need need by given the ability to Read User’s Name and ID attributes

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