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PLM Mechanic thrived as an Agile PLM technical services provider from 2012 to 2016. Installations, upgrades, maintenance programs, data migrations, integrations and extensions were all fair game with more business than we could handle. We were providing private label services to some of the well known Oracle Gold partners specializing in the Agile PLM niche and a handful direct companies we were working with. In 2016, the volume of work, combined with a limited pool of exceptional technical consultants, led to heavily burdened consultants and the need to step back.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge in the technical aspects of the Oracle Cloud PLM offerings since that time, I feel the time is right to bring PLM Mechanic back. The Oracle Cloud offerings present challenges for many companies and complex data migration needs have proven to be overwhelming for even the most experienced Oracle partners. The goal of PLM Mechanic is to supplement functional consultant groups but adding just the technical expertise needed to meet their customer’s objectives. For companies with experience functional staff in house, we will be able to provide both Agile PLM and Cloud technical capability as needed.

In the weeks to come, I hope to start sharing some information with the community through articles. Please stay tuned as resurrect the brand.

Rodney McCabe

Vestals Gap dba PLM Mechanic

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