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“The time has come to put aside the selfishness that marks the present humanity, and give way to a new era of collaboration, in which we are all part of a great team that must work to make our world a better place.” – Edgar Gidoni

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Edgar began his pursuit of education at a young age. A voracious student, Edgar attended Loyola Polytechnic Institute and then the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo where he graduated as an electromechanical engineer.

Edgar then began his career, working in the plastic processing industry. After getting his feet under him with the ins and out of the industry, Edgar opened up his own shop. He focuses on a wide array of products from simple plastic bottles to housing for security systems.

GrabCAD Contributions

The diversity in his work and skill-set is apparent when looking at the models and tutorials he has published on GrabCAD; which is why today we wanted to celebrate Edgar’s contributions to our community. Edgar’s models are not only precise, intricate and structurally sound, but they lay out his process in a very detailed manner, showing his extensive knowledge of cad software. Specifically, Edgar works in AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS to create his files.

The above image gives a glimpse into how detailed Edgar is in his tutorials. That is the first step of 92 that he lays out for his students and followers. All of Edgar’s 42 tutorials show that same level of precision needed to instruct the next generation of 3D engineers.

Passion for Education

His passion for education has continued on through his career, though his place within the space has shifted from student to instructor. His dedication to this role is evident, stating:

“I believe that all of us who have some knowledge have the responsibility to help those diamonds in the rough, so that through effective guidance and hard work, they can get to polish their talents, make great strides forward for the benefit of all, and shine as a light to guide others as well.”


The GrabCAD Community is very lucky to have a dedicated engineer of Edgar’s prowess who is so active on our platform. His relentless dedication to the education of our users is something we truly cherish and we can wholeheartedly say we are lucky to have him as a part of our community.

To check out Edgar’s designs and tutorials, click here!

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