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We are pleased to announce the Experience Stratasys: Software Virtual Event! This virtual event will introduce the world to true additive manufacturing through our open and connected GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform.

We are excited to invite everyone on November 4th, 2021 at 10am EST to this full-day virtual event packed with keynote announcements, analyst moderated panels with our software partners, customer testimonials, product breakout sessions, and more.

For those who are interested in attending the Experience Stratasys: Software Virtual Launch Event please register here!

Below is the full agenda for the day:

Session 1: Keynote Scaling Additive Manufacturing with Software
10am EST

Yoav Zeif

Yoav Zeif is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Stratasys, having served in senior leadership roles for both public and private multi-billion-dollar corporations, leading worldwide operations across industries and professional domains.

Nadav Goshen

Nadav Goshen is the Executive Vice President of Software at Stratasys as well as Chief Executive Officer of MakerBot, he oversees MakerBot’s P&L, corporate strategy, finance, global operations, technology, products, sales, and marketing.

Session 2: Why Additive Manufacturing at scale requires connectivity

James Berlin

Software Product Manager for Software at Stratasys. James currently leads the management of the GrabCAD SDK and GrabCAD Software Partner Program. James has extensive experience in production and manufacturing that he is utilizing to scale additive manufacturing with software.

Frank Lindeman

Frank Lindeman is the Sr. Business Development Account Manager for Stratasys, he works with the Stratasys software partners to create scalable additive manufacturing solutions for Stratasys customers.

Session 3 – Roundtable: Real Additive Manufacturing through Software Partner Connectivity

Ryan Martin

Research Director at ABI Research covering new and emerging transformative technologies, including Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He currently leads the firm’s Manufacturing, Industrial, and Enterprise IoT research.

Session 4: Making Your Rapid Prototyping Shop Rapid Again

Shuvom Ghose

Shuvom Ghose is a member of the Stratasys Customer Success team. Shuvom has extensive experience in solving customer needs with considerable knowledge of the industry and software solutions.

Session 5: Customer Conversation: Scaling an Additive Manufacturing Shop environment

Session 6: Connected, Open, and Enterprise Ready – The Secrets to Scaling Additive Manufacturing

Victor Gerdes

A product management leader known for championing innovative SAAS products, solutions, and platforms differentiated by analytics, insights, connectedness, and technology and known for driving the creation of rich and engaging product experiences from the earliest concepts through product development and into peoples’ lives.

All Day Breakout Sessions with Software Partners and GrabCAD Software Experts:

  • Identify3D
  • Link3D
  • IndusIntel
  • Vistory
  • Teton Simulation
  • AMFG
  • Building APIs with the GrabCAD SDK
  • GrabCAD Shop
  • GrabCAD Print
  • and more.

Stratasys Software Day

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