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GrabCAD was founded back in 2010 with the purpose of helping engineers and designers find work and contractor jobs. They could do this by sharing their CAD drawings and design work to showcase their skills to potential employers. This ability to showcase an engineer’s CAD skills quickly grew into a fever and resulted in the first version of the GrabCAD Library.

Flash forward nearly a decade and the library is filled with several million CAD files and drawings that showcase millions of engineer’s capabilities and skills with CAD design. However, some of that initial purpose had been lost, the GrabCAD Community no longer served the direct purpose of helping engineers and designers find work.

In 2018, the group Jobs and Career Opportunities was created to help engineers, designers, and other members of the GrabCAD Community find jobs and careers doing the things they love!

While this was a good start, we wanted to create a feature that would allow our community of engineers and designers to create a portfolio from their respective profiles while creating a new status that would make it easier for recruiters to find engineers looking for work.

So we did.

First, we added a new profile view that allows for community members to edit their profile page to showcase their CAD files, Tutorials, Work Experience, Education, Badges, etc.

Now we have added the Open to Work feature.

An Easier Way To Show off Your Work

With the Open to Work feature, community members can now utilize the profile editing tools to showcase their portfolio of work and also have their status in the community reflect their interest in employment and other potential freelance opportunities.

Recruiters and other visitors will also be able to find and contact engineers who are using this Open to Work feature.

To enable this feature all a user needs to do is toggle the Open to Work button from the top navigation bar in between the inbox button and profile picture. This button can also be accessed and toggled within the My Profile page.

Once enabled the Open to Work button at the top navigation bar will change to the color green to reflect a member’s open to work status. When on the engineers section of the GrabCAD Community a user can filter for other members who have the feature enabled.

Swag Give Away to Early Users

As a celebration of this new feature, we will be awarding 10 out of the first 1,000 community members with GrabCAD Community Swag! So be sure to try out the new feature and be entered to win some great GrabCAD Community Swag!

If you are not a member of the GrabCAD community and would like to join, check out our library and create an account for free!

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