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With traditional manufacturing becoming more automated, it was only a matter of time before additive manufacturing would also receive the same treatment.

AMFG is an industrial automation company specializing in MES and workflow software. Using their technology purposely built for additive manufacturing, AMFG’s solution focuses on streamlining and automating complex workflows with the power of machine learning.

With AMFG now having joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program, companies now have access to AMFG’s leading additive manufacturing workflow automation software. Customers can optimize their manufacturing process so that their product can reach the market quicker than ever and potentially at a lower cost.

“The combination of AMFG’s fully automated order management, routing and production scheduling with Stratasys integration, enables fully automated end part production, at scale.” — Danny Winn, VP of Growth and Innovation

End to End Optimization and Automation with AMFG

“The practical benefits for both our clients is to enable connectivity across the production workflow, streamlining processes, and providing greater levels of traceability and visibility.

This is also critical for organizations that are looking to scale their production or end part manufacturing using Additive.” — Danny Winn

AMFG’s manufacturing execution software can be deployed on-site or via the cloud, and with AI and machine learning, AMFG’s software can “learn” from the physical machine and usage habits to provide intuitive metrics and optimized suggestions for more efficient manufacturing practices leading towards complete automation depending on the situation. Customers using AMFG’s solution can reduce their overall costs by enabling distributed manufacturing which allows production of parts only when needed.

Accurate and automated pricing from single parts to large production jobs can even be configured based on an organizations needs. With regular software and security updates, enterprise customers can rest easy knowing they are ITAR or ITIL compliant and their supply chain is monitored.

All of this automation of both traditional and additive manufacturing workflows regardless of scale is achievable due to the power of their AI and machine learning.

Moving forward

As AMFG continues to improve their solution, the list of compatible printers will only grow. Later down the line we may see an increase of process automation within the tools and manufacturing process.

To learn about AMFG and the value it will bring to Stratasys Customers being a part of the partner program. https://amfg.ai/

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