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Since the launch of the GrabCAD Software Development Kit(SDK) and Partner Program in April, 2021, we have added another powerful tool to the SDK. Today we are happy to announce that the GrabCAD SDK now includes the GrabCAD 3D Printer Emulator.

3D Printer Emulator

The new GrabCAD FDM Printer Emulator simulates certain Stratasys FDM printers on your computer so that you can test your application on a variety of printer models and printer connectivity API levels without needing to have each physical printer which this will speed up development, gaining confidence in an integration before taking it to the field and a customer.

As part of our Printer Connectivity SDK which integrates Stratasys printers with enterprise applications such as ERP, PLM, Digital Rights Management, and MES systems to enable automation and production data collection & analytics.

Emulation Stratasys Style

For software partners and developers who have the GrabCAD SDK, users can download it from the Admin Console. After the SDK is installed, you can find the emulator folder in the SDK installation directory. The emulator currently supports the Stratasys F370, Fortus 450mc, and the Stratasys F900.

The emulator provides many major capabilities of a real Stratasys printer. With the printer emulator, you can:

  • Submit print jobs
  • View and modify the printer job queue
  • Track a print job’s progress
  • Load different materials into a printer
  • Emulate different printer status
  • Emulate multiple printers running concurrently

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Watch this on-demand webinar where we walk you through how the GrabCAD SDK can improve your factory floor and how our partners have integrated with GrabCAD SDK, making additive manufacturing so much easier!

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