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Hot off of the previous challenge of creating a water trap, Enapter once again challenged the GrabCAD community to design systems and devices for hydrogen applications.

Hydrogen is one of the most common elements in our known universe. With green hydrogen and other sustainable/renewable energy on the rise, the world is looking for ways to harness cleaner energy while trying to decarbonize our planet. Companies big and small are setting the standard on creating a greener earth and one of those companies is Enapter.

Enapter is a company that champions the use of clean energy like green hydrogen and seeks to make it accessible to all. It develops a unique hydrogen generator that is low cost and highly efficient. Until now, the barrier for green hydrogen to become an alternative fuel to fossil fuels was the cost. This is what the young company has set off to do: driving down the cost of green hydrogen to be cost competitive with fossil fuels asap.

Being at the start of the value chain, Enapter understands that the world needs lots of applications that use green hydrogen which emits no Co2 when used or burnt. This is why it set this challenge: to see what wild ideas the GrabCAD community could come up with.

Here are the finalists that designed some of the most creative applications of green hydrogen!

Enapter Challenge Winners

First Place: Aeromaric

“The airship dubbed Aeromaric conceptualizes air-travel for medical service. The airship set-up is designed to transform into an emergency medical hall for vaccination, or other health treatments.”

“The design is a super cool concept in an important sector with beautiful execution and documentation.” — Enapter

Second Place: DaVinci H2

“The DaVinci H2 is a harbinger for a hydrogen change; it combines the most optimal design elements of current EVTOL design proposals with the advantages of hydrogen.” explains Dabin Kim

“Such a cool machine! Hydrogen is the way to go for clean aviation!” — Enapter


“The project aims to show an innovative design of a multipurpose offshore platform that

produces green hydrogen on-site to fulfil the energy demand of a fleet of Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB) spray vessels to fight climate change.”

“Great effort with a creative solution to fight global warming! The idea is nicely presented in the project description and motivating video.”

Forth Place: H2 ZERO PARKLET

“H2 ZERØ occupies one or two regular parking spots adding value to people’s quality of life by providing a space where people can interact with each other, relax, and get information about the city, instead of using valuable space with idle cars”

“Fantastic application to put hydrogen front and center in society!”

Enapter’s Next Chapter

The people at Enapter were once again impressed by the winners and participation from the GrabCAD community. They expressed that “There were so many unique solutions for this challenge. “We are truly glad to see so many talented young engineers devote their creativity and skills into green hydrogen. It strengthens our belief of a green future on this planet.”

Later on, in the future, we may see designs based on our winners being implemented in our world. In the meantime, the finalists have caught Enapter’s attention who are consistently looking for bright minds to join its team. The cleantech company has 5 locations and is always hiring. Enapter continues to create a cleaner future for everyone with their highly efficient AEM hydrogen generators used in over 36 countries.

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and participants of Enapter’s Design for impact – A Green Hydrogen Future Challenge!

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