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With Industry 4.0 on the rise and smart manufacturing becoming more of a mainstay of how we conduct business, data has never been more important. Improving on the solutions that we have today are highly dependent on the data that is known now. 

IndusIntel at their core are problem solvers that specialize in improving pre-existing processes with data by using their solution MachineScope. Since they have joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program, Stratasys customers can monitor their incoming data and machine status at all times right out of the box.

“We founded IndusIntel in 2018 with the vision of building a solution based on IoT for the manufacturing industry,” explains Sachin Saswade, Co-founder of IndusIntel.

A Painless Out of the Box Solution

Sometimes implementing a new solution is just as painful as the current problems a factory may have.

“When we looked around, we found that the manufacturing industry was most unaddressed when it came to an IoT solution,” Sachin adds. “In this case, it is the machines that are operating in the factory, so we wanted to understand their pain points.” 

IndusIntel — through their solution MachineScope — can intuitively monitor all of a factory’s machine metrics and notify a user if anything is out of the ordinary. Through this continuous flow of information and accessibility, workflow efficiencies and flaws can be made clear so that they can be improved.

Being able to optimize production or any operation relies on data. Things like cost analysis, quality control, and other factory floor metrics become much more visible with MachineScope. This solution extends beyond the machine and also addresses overall quality, life cycle management, and operations. 

The best part of the entire solution is that everything is plug and play for quick deployment and implementation.

Moving forward

Right now IndusIntel supports all Stratasys machines such as the F900, F450, F370, etc. As IndusIntel continues to develop their solutions, customers can expect to see support for nearly all Stratasys printer models moving forward. They are also looking more into machine vision so that companies can better connect to their printers wherever they are. 

To learn more about how IndusIntel and what value they can bring to Stratasys Customers, join our webinar on May 13, 2021, where we sit down with Sachin and the other CEOs behind the software companies who joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program.

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