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Trust, whether it be in a physical or digital format is a must for business interactions. It allows users to conduct business transactions safely without the fear of any nefarious actions occurring.

As technologies continue to move towards the digital realm, there is a greater need for that establishment of digital trust.

Vistory is a leader in building digital trust along with the overall monitoring of data with their solution MainChain. And now, having joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program, companies can create that safe digital environment where their IPs and other information is protected.  Users can move into 3D printing and reach greater levels of connectivity without fear of losing IP security.

“MainChain brings together all stakeholders in the supply chain – OEM, design offices, marketplace, printer manufacturers, office services and end customers – through a single tool to secure shared digital data,” explains Alexandre Pedemonte, Vistory’s CEO. 

A Solution You Can Trust 

Since integrating traditional manufacturing methods with 3D printing is so new, the gaps in security (and by extension the risk of data leaks) are very high. Making sure such processes are also in compliance with various industries is a monumental challenge.

“To scale manufacturing with trust. It has always been trust. And it will always be Trust,” explains Alexandre “With MainChain, we generate value for everyone everywhere. It’s all about API that makes this possible.”

Vistory’s greatest strengths are in private blockchain technology which ensures the safety of the digital industrial property. Compliance of a manufacturing process throughout the production process is another of their specialties.

MainChain can also establish enhanced connectivity and traceability of all operations during a project; this means that at any time, a user can know where their data is along a chain and who has access to such vital information. Having this all within the cloud opens the doors for more effective manufacturing workflows that can be resilient and sustainable even in the face of current world events.

Moving forward

As Vistory continues to strengthen MainChain, the list of compatible printers will only grow as a start. Later down the line we may see an increase of process automation within the tools and manufacturing process and an even safer network as blockchain technology becomes more mainstream.

To learn about Vistory and the value it will bring to Stratasys Customers, join our webinar on May 13, 2021, where we sit down with Alexandre and the other CEOs behind the software companies who joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program.

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