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This month we are excited to announce that Stratasys is unveiling two industry changing tools that can take your company to the next level: GrabCAD Software Development Kit and GrabCAD Software Partner Program.

Greater Integration with GrabCAD SDKs

The first of the tools is the GrabCAD Software Development Kit (AKA GrabCAD SDK). It enables our GrabCAD Software Partners and customers to integrate GrabCAD Print Desktop software and Stratasys 3D printers right into their own commercial and proprietary software. Stratasys has various SDK packages tailored to your needs. 

What GrabCAD SDK offers:

  • Single solution that connects Stratasys printers and GrabCAD software into your business systems like ERP, PLM, and MES
  • Workflow simplification by providing API development documentation and support.
  • Greater flow of printer data metrics and other factory floor data

Available GrabCAD SDKs

  • MT Connect SDK – a free package that provides the resources to get started collecting data streaming from select Stratasys equipment via the MTConnect standard protocol. 
  • The Printer Connectivity SDK – integrates Stratasys printers with enterprise applications such as ERP, PLM, digital rights management, and MES systems to enable automation and production data collection & analytics.
  • The PLM SDK – integrates GrabCAD Print Desktop application with PLM vaulting and file management to streamline the job programming workflow.

To check out our top of the line SDKs, click here to learn more about them.

A Partner Program for 3D Printing Professionals

GrabCAD Software Partner Program provides a complete additive manufacturing solution to both software partners and customers. This includes the GrabCAD Software Development Kit but has a multitude of benefits as well. Customers can have a large selection of partners they can choose from to suit their business needs. 


What GrabCAD Software Partner Program offers Partners:

  • A set of SDKs for easy integration with your various software solutions
  • Gain priority status in front of Stratasys customer base and training content to the extensive Stratasys sales channel and customer network
  • Joint marketing opportunities

What GrabCAD Software Partner Program offers Customers:

  • Partner ecosystem where customers can select from a range of “best in class” 3rd party solutions
  • Greater connectivity from Stratasys hardware and GrabCAD software into your current manufacturing systems
  • Improved workflow by allowing others to create custom solutions that Stratasys does not provide
  • Ability to deploy a single solution to manage your factory floor
  • Ability to turn your facility into a highly connected smart factory
  • Overall reduction of disparate software for cleaner infrastructure

Stratasys is excited to invite you to partner with them and industry leaders to take your company ahead of the competition and into the future. Sign up for the partner program by clicking here!

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