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Hi everyone, we hope that you’re enjoying all the new features we bring to GrabCAD Print each release. Recently, there’s been quite a lot of improvements:

At the start of GrabCAD Print, we supported per-user installations of GrabCAD Print. These can be installed by most users on a computer and do not require admin privileges to install. This, however, was a problem for many large enterprise customers who want to control the software installed on their computers.

So we introduced the per-machine version.

Per-Machine Install

The version that is available for install on our website is the per-machine installer and it now only supports modern versions of the Windows operating system (version 10 and above).

Since offering the per-machine version, we have continued to support and supply updates for our per-user install base. However, this means that we need to test and make sure both versions continue to work correctly for each release. As you can imagine, with more and more features being added, this can get difficult.

We therefore think it’s time that per-machine installs will become our main source of updates. As a result, starting after GrabCAD Print version 1.47, per-user updates will no longer be available. If you are on a per-user install, version 1.44 or later, when an update is available you will see this message:

How to Prepare

Selecting Download per-machine will prepare the per-machine installer for your next restart. When updating to per machine, there are a few possible issues that we’re aware of:

  • You will need administrator permissions to install.
  • You will need to remove any other per-user installs on your computer. For example, if other people log in to your computer and have installed GrabCAD Print. Don’t worry though! Once you’ve installed per-machine that will be available for all users.

Also, if you are on an older install of GrabCAD Print and have GrabCAD Print Server 1.x installed on the same computer, this will cause problems for upgrading. It is recommended that you uninstall GrabCAD Print Server 1.0, and install the latest GrabCAD Print (which provides most of the functionality of Print Server anyway).

If you really want Print Server on the same computer, it is recommended that you install version 2.x of GrabCAD Print Server.

For more information on this change, please check out our help article: Per-User and Per-Machine Installation Methods. You can also contact our support team.

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