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If you love Advanced FDM in GrabCAD Print, you’ll love the simple — yet time-saving change — we just made in GrabCAD Print version 1.43. In this release, Advanced FDM is now automatically a part of GrabCAD Print. That’s right, no more having to manually select “Enable Advanced FDM.”

Now, all the features that were only available in Advanced FDM projects are available for Print projects. What this means for you:

  • The option Enable Advanced FDM has been removed from the Preferences menu.
  • The action to create a new Advanced FDM Project has been removed from the left-hand toolbar.

In addition, all the features created in your Advanced FDM Project are still there, including:

  • Groups
  • Body settings
  • Face settings
  • Tray properties
  • Orientation
  • Manufacturing notes

The new workflow will allow you to open, edit and send your part directly to your printer!

Advanced FDM Workflow in GrabCAD Print

Mixing of slice view and model view.

Advanced FDM in GrabCAD Print enables fine level control over how FDM parts are manufactured. Our 3D printing software uses geometry-targeted tools to optimize your model to your design requirements.

Learn more about what was updated in GrabCAD Print Release 1.43 by watching the highlight video below:


Also, don’t miss your chance to sign up for our upcoming webinar series: Design for FDM. Over the course of 3 weeks you can learn how to apply design for additive manufacturing recommendations when using FDM technology, taking advantage of Stratasys’ unique applications. RSVP for Part 1: The Basics, where we’ll cover topics such as:

  • File resolution
  • Orientation
  • Slice Height and toolpath

RSVP today!

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