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Happy Valentine’s Day!¬† We understand that some gifts just can’t be bought. Instead, they need to be designed, rendered and 3D printed with love. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of fun, creativity and flowers, we’re sharing what gifts we 3D printed for our valentines and why.

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss Sculpture by Hannah Hazi

The story behind the gift: “This was a ¬†sculpture I saw with my partner on our first trip to Paris together. I 3D printed it on the Statasys J750.”

Skull Coasters by Abe Gladstone

The story behind the gift: “My girlfriend really likes Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). We had just moved into a new apartment and we were furnishing the apartment, so I found these cool skull coasters.

I found the CAD model on GrabCAD and then colored each one in SOLIDWORKS by selecting all the faces and changing the color for every face. I then printed them on our Stratasys J750.”

Gear Heart by James Schutte


The story behind the gift: “I made one of these for my daughter last Valentine’s Day. It moves, and she still has it on display in her room! This year she is 14, and will be 15 in May.

I 3D printed it on the Stratasys F370 in Red ASA (this year) and an Fortus 250mc with Ivory ABS (last Year).”

Engagement Ring by Bini Kebede

This might be the epitome of 3D printing meets romance. Our very own designer, Bini, actually designed and 3D printed his wife’s engagement ring.

3D Printed Engagement Ring

Are you 3D printing anything for Valentine’s Day? Share it with us! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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