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I love my Amazon Alexa device. I use “her” for cooking, reminders, shopping and my morning routine of checking traffic and weather. And today I’m so excited to share the news that you can now use your Alexa device to monitor your print jobs on your Stratasys printers!

That’s right, Alexa has a new skill called GrabCAD Voice. This skill enables you to check the printer status, job status, cancel a job and more on any of your Stratasys 3D printers.

Product Requirements

GrabCAD Voice works on any Amazon Alexa Device. What you do need to make sure you do setup first is GrabCAD Print Server. That needs to be installed on your network 3D printers (if you haven’t already).

Once that’s ready to go, to enable this new skill, simply open your Alexa Mobile App and search for GrabCAD. You’ll see “GrabCAD Voice for Stratasys 3D Printers.” Select that!

  • Select Enable to Use
  • You’ll immediately be redirected to the GrabCAD Print sign in page. Sign in here with your credentials.
  • Select the Account that’s connected to your 3D printers.

Now Alexa is connected to your printers!

GrabCAD Voice on Alexa Devices

Alexa Commands to Try

Say “Alexa enable GrabCAD” before starting any of the following commands:

  • What is / Give me the status of Printer
  • What is / Give me the material status of Printer
  • List my printers.
  • What is / Give me the job status on Printer

We created a fun video to demonstrate how we’ve been using GrabCAD voice in the office:

If you don’t have an Alexa device, don’t sweat it! You can still do all these actions on your phone using the GrabCAD Print mobile app. For more commands and help getting set up, check out the GrabCAD support center!

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