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GrabCAD Shop has graduated from Beta and has now gone commercial. Since our launch in November, we’ve listened to our beta users and have already made product enhancements to improve your 3D printing workflow even more:

For the Shop Operator:
GrabCAD Shop 3D Printing Software

  • Improved filtering options
  • Improved UI experience
  • More non-Stratasys machines to add to your shop

For Engineers, Designers, Students:

  • Improvements to Comments
  • Improvements to History event tracking
  • In-app onboarding to help you get started

These are just some of the latest feature enhancements that make GrabCAD Shop the software you need in your 3D printing shops.

Ordering 3D Printed Parts Has Never Been Easier

GrabCAD Shop simplifies the shop workflow between shop operators and requesters (designers, engineers, customers) by providing a “one-stop shop” where requesters can go in and make their 3D printing requests.

They do this by submitting their files and specifying the following:

  • Technology
  • Color
  • Materials
  • Due date

Operators love this workflow because everything they need to fulfill a work order is right there, in a single location. That’s right, no more sorting through emails, updating Excel documents or whiteboards.

Furthermore, Shop Operators have full control over the technology and materials requesters select from. For instance, if an Operator knows that the shop has run out of a certain material, they can simply remove that material option from the shop.

Try GrabCAD Shop

We want you to try GrabCAD Shop in your school, print shop or makerspace so you can see for yourself how much time, money, and stress GrabCAD Shop saves you. But don’t worry! GrabCAD Shop isn’t some custom-built software that will take your IT department days to set up.

In fact, you can actually sign up, set yourself up, and start inviting users to your shop in less than 30 minutes.

See for yourself:

Before your 30-day trial ends, we’ll check in with you to see how you’re enjoying the software and if you want to sign up for a license.

We understand that every shop is different, which is why we’ll connect you to a sales person so you can get the pricing package that meets your needs, based on number of users.

GrabCAD Shop is the work order management solution you need. Try it today!

Want to learn more about how GrabCAD Shop can improve your current 3D printing workflow? Download this free whitepaper.

GrabCAD Shop Whitepaper

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