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2019 in ReviewWelcome back everyone! This is the last top models of 2019. Man, the year has flown by! Some of the exciting highlights from the year include:

  1. The GrabCAD Community reached 6 million members!
  2. We added Questions to Groups
  3. We introduced a NEW software that will help you collaborate in 3D printing shops!

And so much more. So, let’s end the year with some of my favorite models from this year:

V12 Engine

This V12 Engine is such an amazing model. You can tell just by looking at the render itself that the modeler went above and beyond to create this engine. The engineer wanted it to look as realistic as possible.

This is something that I would love to add into my custom car!


Go Kart Chassis

This Chassis is made for a Go Kart; the design is very clean and very basic. This a good start chassis if someone wants to build their own Go Kart and build around the chassis.

Mountain Bike

This mountain bike has a killer design. I like how the engineer was able to add in the brake cords and chain on the bike; the accuracy is top notch on this model.

Add this to your next project in the GrabCAD Community!


This panda truck is a very well-done. It’s definitely one of the best truck models that you can find in the Community. If you look on the grill of the truck, you can even see it says “Panda”. I wonder what cargo you could haul with this truck?!

New CNC Machine

This is a beautiful CNC Machine. This CNC machine is made to mill in aluminium. If you look in the post itself, the engineer actually built the machine so they are able to use it.

F1 Car

The GrabCAD Community loves vehicles! And in this case, we love seeing the shiny render of this model stand out more than most. The textures used on this car are amazing.


Can’t get enough of how talented the Community is? Revisit our 2019 Top Model series below. We can’t wait to see what the Community creates in 2020!

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