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Podcasts are ‘in’. Whether it’s listening to them on the commute to work, at the gym, during the dog walk, in the kitchen while you’re cooking or even at your desk, podcasts are a brilliant way to glean new information or simply be entertained.

3D printing podcasts to tryIn fact, podcasts have never been so popular as they are today and estimates show that there are as many as 750,000 available right now, with more being launched every week. As of June 2019, there are around 30 million individual podcast episodes.

Safe to say, you won’t be running out of listening material any time soon!

One of the reasons these sound bites have struck a chord, I believe, is because in the age of Netflix and smart phones, podcasts offer a refuge of sorts. A refuge from over stimulation. An escape from screen time overload, endless scrolling and seep disrupting blue light. A chance to focus on the here and now. For one hour, or however long an episode runs, you can tap into something present.

They are also a great (and often free) way to listen to key voices from within your industry or areas of interest, from all over the world. Indeed, podcasts allow you to take on vital information, seek advice where necessary, stay up to speed with the latest trends and can be seamlessly worked into your day.

If you’re looking to expand your podcast horizons, we’ve compiled a list of the best 3D printing and engineering podcasts out there right now. Happy listening!

3D Printing Podcasts to Try

3D Printing Today

Co-hosted by Andy Cohen and Whitney Potter, 3D Printing Today Podcast offers an in-depth look at the technical, educational and entrepreneurial components of 3D printing. It focuses on tips and tricks for both hobbyists and professionals and touches on the trends and long-term potential of 3D printing.

3D Printing Podcast

For those in product design and development, the 3D Printing Podcast is an essential platform for learning more about the 3D printing world, including the latest news and up-to-date industry developments.

WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast

On this show you will hear from fellow designers and learn more about fused filament fabrication, as well as what design software to implement, what printer to purchase, what tools to use, what designs to favor, what new materials are available and what your business strategy should ultimately be to ensure success.

Engineering Podcasts to Listen To

The Engineering Commons Podcast
The podcast covers a variety of topics of interest for product designers, developers, and engineers, including challenges faced in the industry and advice for young designers and newly qualified engineers. A great one for any students out there!

Beyond CAD by Civil FX

Civil FX sees the worlds of civil engineering, special effects, and 3D visualization collide. Product designers who work with InfraWorks, Lumion, Sketchup, 3ds Max, and Revit will find this development podcast especially useful.

Engineer vs Designer

This podcast explores the often conflicting and yet highly interlinked worlds of engineers and designers. It features a diverse range of interviews with product designers and developers, making it a valuable source of information and inspiration for designers and engineers alike.


Have any other podcast recommendations? Leave them in the comment section below! And stay tuned next week for the Best Tech & Design Podcasts to Listen To.

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