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To celebrate our 6 million member milestone, we want to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. For our second edition, we are recognizing Juarez Felipe Jr.

Juarez has been a member since September 2011! Over the years, Juarez has uploaded over a thousand models, eight tutorials, and generated over thirty-seven thousand Likes.

But that’s not why we’re celebrating Juarez. We’re recognizing Juarez for having the most followers in the Community, reaching over nine thousand followers!

The Man Leading In Followers

Juarez is no stranger to being featured. In fact, we celebrated his contributions to the Community two years ago when we were celebrating reaching 4 million members.

Let’s catch up with Juarez and see what he’s up to today:

  • Experience: Mechanical Engineer, with a PhD in Machining Processes.
  • Passion: “My main interests are mechanisms and wooden toys. I like making animations and renderings too.”
  • Favorite model uploaded to the Community: Cam-operated Ratchet Pawl


Juarez’s favorte part about the GrabCAD Community:

What I like most of GrabCAD is the fact of being a community. I can ask questions, receive comments and suggestions on my models, and do the same for other users. I have also made some good friends here over the years.

Thank you, Juarez and to all our Community members for helping us reach 6 million members! Stay tuned next Monday for the next 6 million member series edition.

Also, don’t miss the latest eBook we released celebrating 6 million members: 3D Printing Industry Secrets

GrabCAD eBook: 3D Printing Industry Secrets

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