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We are so excited to be celebrating our 6 million member milestone. As a result, we wanted to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. To start, we are recognizing Fateh Merrad.

Fateh has been a member since May 2011! Over the years, Fateh has uploaded twenty models, four tutorials and has over a thousand followers. But that’s not why we’re celebrating Fateh. We’re recognizing Fateh for having the most liked model in the Community:

The Man Behind the Model

So let’s meet the man behind the model:

  • Position: Technical Manager at MC3 ALGERIA
  • Passion: Automotive design, Industrial design, Engineering and advanced 3D modeling
  • Favorite model uploaded to the Community: My favorite Uploaded model is my car AUDI R8

Fateh’s favorite part about the GrabCAD Community:

“GRABCAD helped me to achieve some of my goals. GrabCAD for me is a main gateway for success in several specialties, and also a broad platform for exchange and knowledge in engineering,” Fateh explains.

Thank you, Fateh and to all our Community members for helping us reach 6 million members! Stay tuned next Monday for the next 6 million member series edition!

I can assure you that my experience with GrabCAD was and is important for the evolution of my career, so I advise you to ask questions, share your ideas and give your opinion to shorten your path of success! — Fateh

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