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Father’s Day is this Sunday! Remember when you were a kid and a simple finger painting or hand drawing meant more to your dad than buying a $50 tie? Well, I’m bringing that notion back in today’s Father’s Day-themed model blog post.

Today, I’m highlighting some amazing 3D models I saw in the Community that I think your father will love. Some you can even bring to life with a 3D printer!

Here are the models:

3D Models for the Office

These 3D models are for the dad that is constantly stuck at the office. I think the following furniture and equipment could brighten his day.

8020 Office Desk by W.Design

Office Design for Father's Day

I love how this desk is designed to increase performance by having all the necessities right at your fingertips, including monitors, printer and keyboard.

Striped Tree Plant by lars hoeben

Office Plant for Father's Day

Not everyone has a green thumb, so having a long-lasting plant at your desk is a great substitute. It’ll look perfect on the new desk!

Ambient Sound Headphones by Masato Nasu

Headphones for Father's Day

What an interesting concept to have headphones that enable you to listen to ambient sound, while still listening to music. The design and style is also very professional.

IRIS Office Chair by Svitlana Taran

Office Chair for Father's Day

This chair not only looks sleek and comfortable, but it just says “boss mode.” Great design.

3D Models for Fun

Work hard, play hard. The following 3D models are for when your dad is ready for some relaxation time.

Baseball Cap by Devin T

Baseball Cap for Father's Day

Summer is coming and sun protection is a must. Your father is sure to appreciate a baseball cap designed specifically for him with his favorite sports logo.

Sun Glasses by Yash Upadhyay

Sunglasses for Father's Day

If a baseball cap isn’t your dad’s cup of tea, sunglasses are a great alternative. Design it in any color he wants.

Suitcase by Ashish Budakoti

Suitcase for Father's day

I love this travel suitcase. Perfect for the dad that travels often, for work or leisure! I especially like the ergonomic touches on the handle.

Roadster Sport Car by Mikko H

Sports car for Father's Day

There are so many great car models in our Community. I selected this one because the model renderings make it easy to picture you and your dad cruising in this car.

Golf Ball by Ashish Kumar

Golf ball for Father's Day

I love this sleek look on a classic game. It’s sure to give your dad a one up when he’s playing with his buddies.

Golf Drinking Set by Filip Houdek

Drinking Set for Father's day

I love the creativity behind this golf drinking set. It’s not only designed really well but it’s perfect for the dad who enjoys a quick cheers after a game.


Hope you all enjoyed our Father’s Day-themed models. Let us know how you feel about the models I selected in our 3D Printing Group. Also, make sure you give props to the Community members by “liking” their models.

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