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 Blog_3-20-19.png There are very few events that are designed exclusively for PLM Solution Providers in the PLM economy. CIMdata’s annual PLM Market & Industry Forum is one that comes to mind. Just consider how rare it is to get all the key PLM solution providers together in one place for networking and an open discussion on the state of the PLM industry—something that is at the heart of CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum.

This annual spring event provides attendees with the opportunity to gain key insights into the current economic climate and trends. After the trends are identified their impacts on the PLM economy are examined. Additionally, it is at this event when we get the first look at CIMdata’s eagerly awaited PLM market analysis results.

For 2019, the event is focusing on Augmented Intelligence: Applications Across the Product Lifecycle. The idea of artificially intelligent beings goes back to Samuel Butler’s utopian novel Erewhon. Butler’s vision was that human beings were in danger of being replaced by self-replicating machines. This narrative continues today but what we are hearing is that smart machines will replace humans in factories and offices of the future.

Let’s consider Moore’s Law which suggested that the capacity for technical computing would double every 18 months, something that has continued for close to 55 years, albeit enabled by various technologies. Moore’s Law is the gift that keeps on giving and makes our world of smart applications possible while also making it easy to interconnect them in ways we are just beginning to understand.

AI has been the “next big thing” for decades. The benefits of Moore’s Law and advances in AI and machine learning have increasingly made that promise a reality. CIMdata believes that the work to date barely scratches at the surface of what is possible. CIMdata agrees with the approach of many of the leading solution providers that machine intelligence will not replace humans but will augment them.

In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of augmented intelligence across the product lifecycle by focusing on applications of these technologies in PLM and adjacent enterprise software markets that are augmenting human skills, bringing data and advanced analytics to the point of work to make humans, and the processes they deploy, more effective. With these talks and presentations CIMdata hopes to kickstart the conversation on engineering intelligent systems that can serve our needs and extend our capabilities.

Unique to this event is the opportunity to hear from CIMdata analysts who all come together in the months prior to the event to craft a formidable agenda that covers all the key topics.

I was recently able to I spend some time talking with the PLM Market & Industry Forum team to get some perspective on what they are going to discuss in April.

The State of PLM – Today’s Market and Leading Trends

A review of the current state of the PLM industry, with an emphasis on the trends and issues, will be shared by Peter Bilello, CIMdata’s President. Peter’s presentation will include topics such as enabling the digital enterprise and the digital twin and other emerging trends that are critical to PLM software and PLM service providers. CIMdata’s views on these trends and the impact they have on participants in this increasingly challenging market will be shared with attendees.

2018 Market Analysis Results

Recognized for many years as the best source of comprehensive and accurate insights into the evolution and direction of the PLM industry, CIMdata’s annual PLM Global Market Analysis is first revealed during this Market and Industry Forum. This is an eagerly awaited presentation as it highlights where individual PLM Solution Providers stack up in the various sectors of the industry that are analyzed by CIMdata.

Intelligence for Product Lifecycle Innovation

My colleague, Dr. Venkatesh Agaram who is CIMdata’s Director for the Quality & Reliability Engineering Consulting Practice, will be speaking on Intelligence for Product Lifecycle Innovation. In his presentation, Venki will show how an augmented intelligence capability should be developed for PLM as part of the enterprise digital transformation journey, with an assessment of the maturity in the industry and the solutions available.

Beyond Generative Design

Dr. Keith Meintjes, a long-term colleague and CIMdata Executive Consultant, will focus his presentation on what comes after Generative Design. He will discuss “Generative Engineering” which is a classification that includes tools which explore the design space and options for product configuration in some human-assisted way. The phrase also describes the process of using these tools all the way from product ideation to production manufacturing; for example, including Architecture Exploration with Functional System Modeling. Knowledge and organizational requirements for businesses to effectively exploit these technologies will be explored.

Predictive Maintenance–Benefits of Closing the Product Lifecycle Loop

I also had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Gill, CIMdata’s Practice Manager for PLM Enterprise Value & Integration. Tom’s presentation will share research that will show that ultimately, the algorithms that drive predictive maintenance will evolve to provide an input to an analytics-driven design process. As this capability evolves the expectation is that the benefits of closing the maintenance loop with product development will give rise to ever better products that improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Getting to Markets of One

When asked about this presentation Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata’s Vice President said that many companies pursuing digitalization or Industry 4.0 strategies share a common goal: being able to profitably serve markets of one by making their products and processes more configurable. This will impact the whole product lifecycle, from ideation through life. To compete in this new world companies will have to design their products and production capabilities with configurability in mind. In this presentation, Stan will discuss the importance of advanced variant configuration management capabilities and how PLM market leaders are responding.

Digitalization and MBSE: Market Trends, Challenges & Opportunities

I took the opportunity to find out some more about Don Tolle’s presentation on Digitalization and MBSE: Market Trends, Challenges & Opportunities. Don is CIMdata’s Practice Director for Simulation-Driven Systems. The widespread digitalization of discrete product development processes combined with the ever-increasing complexity of today’s cyber-physical systems is increasing focus on connecting and managing the digital thread of data and models from the early conceptual systems design to the downstream functions more typically managed within the scope of PLM. In this presentation Don will discuss the key trends in MBSE, highlight where real progress is being made, and identify the challenges still to be addressed.

CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum is the ideal opportunity for PLM Solution Providers to gather together to help shape the future of the PLM economy.

I do hope to see you at one of our Forum stops!




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