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Supply Chain Management for a Demand Driven World


Modern Supply Chain is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. We are now living in a demand driven world and customers want more. Each year, companies are losing approximately $1.6 trillion due to poor service costs and by the end of 2018, ⅓ of all companies will have found themselves disrupted by digitally enabled competition. Supply chain is a critical area where businesses can make a difference and battle for customer loyalty. Legacy SCM systems are linear and siloed which doesn’t allow for fluidity of the ever changing demand. Businesses who adopt modern, cloud based SCM Systems are able to have deeper visibility and more precise control of their supply. With these new intelligent systems, businesses are able to gain better insights to make strategic actions as well as to give them the competitive edge over their competitors. Oracle’s leading SCM product set gives businesses a unified platform which integrates every aspect of their supply chain system. Partner with Oracle today to find your Pathway to SCM Success.


Why Legacy Systems Can’t Keep Up


We’ve seen technology grow and transform many industries and supply chain is no different. There are two long-term trends that have contributed to the push of new SCM technology; Massive Disruption and Changing Expectations. Amazon and other online retailers have redefined the consumer industry and completely eliminated the traditional order-to-deliver business model. Although it started in the B2C market, B2B markets are starting to demand the same type of experience.


In order to meet these new expectations, businesses need to be more agile and have more capabilities that allow them to better control the customer experience. Legacy SCM systems don’t have the visibility needed to meet these demands. Most legacy systems rely on third party vendors to support specific channels. This causes gaps in visibility and challenges in service consistency. With the new expectation of same day fulfillment and customized products, it is necessary for businesses to have insight into the complete process. Traditional systems are too linear and cannot keep up with the flexible and fluid processes today’s marketplace needs. Switching to a modern SCM will give businesses a holistic view, leaving fragmented and siloed legacy systems behind.



Gain a Competitive Edge with SCM Cloud


Tomorrow’s Supply Chain” enables businesses to be innovative, proactive and to continuously improve their supply chain processes. Some defining traits of Oracle’s SCM Cloud Applications are:


  1. Integrated
  2. Demand-driven
  3. Agile
  4. Intelligent
  5. User experience
  6. Open platform


SCM automates processes to allow the users to spend more time understanding the customers demands of services. Because of the visibility between the different systems, businesses are more cost effective and have better oversight into real time marketplaces and customer preferences. These, coupled with the customizable software, allows the users to spend more time making business decisions and less time monitoring and manually intervening in supply chain processes.  


Along with our defining traits, Oracle’s SCM cloud solutions pair AI and ML to allow businesses to turn insights into actions. In this competitive landscape, organizations need to not only be adaptable to market fluctuations. Our intelligent software is built on three capabilities, orchestration, responsiveness, and clarity, that empower organizations to make decisions with confidence. All of the data is analyzed to assess relevance and business value as well as to identify correlations that might otherwise go unnoticed. Bringing this all together, business are able to implement changes virtually, using this one source of truth.



Are You Ready?


Investing in new software is always a risk, but Oracle’s SCM solutions not only provide the insights expected, they are an investment that pays off. With the new technology evolution, Oracle has proven that businesses are able to respond faster and solve problems sooner. We integrate new upgrades and innovations into your system at no extra cost so your SCM solution can be scalable and agile for an Omnichannel Future.


Read more about how to start on your Path to SCM Success with our Complete Guide to Modern Supply Chain Management. This is a necessary handbook for any Innovation-Focused business leader.

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