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The GrabCAD Community team is back again to show you some of our favorite models from the GrabCAD Community Library. With SolidWorks World 2019 coming to a close we wanted to take some time to share with you some of our favorite SolidWorks models from our Community Library.

Diving Helmet by Dape

This Diving helmet by Dape has amazing details and beautiful renders. The textures added to this model add so much depth and detail that you can begin to form an idea of its use. The addition of rust and damage on the helmet really help add more story and depth to this incredible model. It was this attention to detail that we thought this deserved a nod. 


Audi Quattro Sport differential by Ivan Dobrevski 

This differential model by Ivan is a fantastic example of how SolidWorks can be used to form complex assembly files. The model is fantastic and the renders are nice and crisp. The cutaway rendering help give a nice glimpse into how the internal mechanics of the model will function.


MT-Semi Flatbed Wooden Toy by Trinityscsp

This MT-Semi Flatbed Wooden Toy comes from the great Trinityscsp. Trinityscsp has some amazing models, but this SolidWorks assembly of this toy looks like a lot of fun to put together. If we had a woodshop in our office we would absolutely try building this for the GrabCAD office. Another job well done for one of the greats in the GrabCAD Community. 


V Twin Engine by Daniel Barker 

You have to check out this beautiful V Twin Engine by Daniel Barker. If you view the model in our 3D viewer and explode it you will be able to see just how many small details and parts are incorporated in this mode. The renders of this model are very beautiful and the complexity of incorporating multiple parts makes the model stand out from the crowd.

Forklift by Mubhasg.M 

This Forklift model by Mubhasg was created as a SolidWorks part file. The details in this model allow you to really picture its real-life use in a warehouse environment. The renders are spectacular and really add some great color and visualizations to this cool model.


Mechanical Lathe / Torno Mecânico by Francisco Miguel Teixeira 

A very interesting and complex model coming from Francisco Miguel. The additions of technical drawings and optimal turning speed diagrams really helped provide more information on the Lathe machine and how to use it. 


Helicopter by BELAID Amine 

This helicopter by BELAID Amine has a ton of detail and looks like it could be sky bound any second. This would make a great remote controlled model to fly around in the park near our office. This model includes some spectacular assembly files that you should absolutely check out!


Real Prototipe 3D Print Action Camera CAD/CAE/CAM by 

A high quality 3D printable Action Camera from Alvaro. This is a really nice looking model using the power of SolidWorks to add lots of texture detail and coI’mrs. I’m going to see if we can print this on one of our J750s in the office.


3D Puzzle Bike by Mykola Bokach

Another exception wooden toy model, but this one comes from Mykola Bokach. This model utilizes an assembly of parts that you can piece together to create this wooden toy. I wonder if this is 3D Printable so I can print it and have it on my desk. 


Multi-axis CNC by Emre Delibalta

A very Awesome CNC machine with some spectacular renders by Emre Delibalta. This post comes with some amazing animations of how the CNC machine would work in the real world.


Hope you all enjoyed our top SolidWorks models form the last couple of weeks. Let us know how you feel about the models we selected and make sure to leave a like on any of the models you really liked. Be on the lookout for our next top 10 CAD models blog in the near future.

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