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If you’re a Workbench user, you probably already know that the CAD collaboration tool is a convenient PDM solution for teams working on complex projects or product designs.

Workbench is ideal for distributed teams working across multiple departments, locations or even timezones. It allows you to track and control any version of your project, the ability to restore previous files or even work directly inside your favorite CAD system via an add-on.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new feature to Workbench that allows users in North America to order on-demand parts and models. We have partnered with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to provide Workbench users with easy access to their in-depth expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Stratasys Direct is one of the largest providers of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing services utilizing a broad range of additive and conventional technologies. With seven manufacturing locations and the largest capacity in North America, Stratasys Direct leverages nearly 30 years of 3D printing, design and engineering experience to ensure that any customer’s project is a success.

Stratasys Direct collaborates with businesses and engineers to produce precision parts. Serving companies of all sizes, from start-ups to established global brands, they develop methods, materials and processes that optimize and enhance additive and conventional manufacturing’s capabilities. Serving tens of thousands of customers at all stages of product development, Stratasys Direct makes it easier for businesses to bring quality products to market faster.

With 20,000,000 parts produced, 1,700,000 hours of engineering time, and 300,000 customer projects to date, Stratasys Direct is a true pioneer in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing.  

Here’s how to order parts from Stratasys Direct through Workbench:

Upload your file, review and manager via Workbench, then click the new “Make My Part” button in the upper right hand corner.

From there, you will need to create a Stratasys Direct Manufacturing account if you don’t already have one.

Then login and order the parts you need. Stratasys Direct’s quoting tool will handle the rest.

It’s as simple as that.

With the combined power of Workbench as a (free) collaborative tool, and the manufacturing expertise and experience of Stratasys Direct, the new “Make My Parts” feature can help you bring products to market faster than ever before!

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