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Razorleaf Government Solutions shortens the procurement process for complex military platforms, cutting costs and time while improving readiness.

Razorleaf’s sister company, Razorleaf Government Solutions, participated in a 3D Data Exchange project with the Navy. Together they developed a system that significantly reduced the amount of time and resources required to create/verify/validate technical data, resulting in an estimated cost savings of $10.8 million annually.

The team involved won the coveted Commander’s Award in the Business Innovation category in April 2018 for generating significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

As part of the normal military platform procurement process, the military receives design and engineering information from the equipment manufacturer. Once operational, the platform may require repair, refurbishment, and/or replenishment of worn-out or missing parts. In the current environment, this process can take significant amounts of time should there be any engineering questions related to the parts being purchased.

The solution designed by RGS involves the automated generation of neutral-formatted 3D CAD models in a 3D PDF format. When converted to this format, the model is readable by a wide variety of non-engineering specialists, and the complex CAD data no longer requires a license of the original CAD software to view the information.

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