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Not only was this year’s Toronto location for Autodesk Accelerate at the Autodesk MaRS location, it was also harking back to the same city of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle’s precursor, Datastay. Autodesk’s VP of Fusion 360, Stephen Hooper, shared that during his welcome and also laid out themes of connecting trends of additive manufacturing, product design with the manufacturing process in mind, and tools serving the professional — the person — not the task. Tools within the Fusion 360 platform include NetFab, Powermill, Eagle, and Fusion Lifecycle; this platform has increased subscribers ten-fold in the last three years. General Motors used Fusion 360 to improve their rear seatbelt assembly design, with improved strength, reduced weight, and lowered cost.

A compelling keynote was given by Denise Schindler, paralympics medalist in cycling from Germany. She has worked with Autodesk since 2014 as what she describes as a “3D patient.” Her latest bicycling-specific prosthesis was a months-long process with a team at Autodesk to map requirements, design, test & build; where the best innovation was bringing the time to manufacture the prosthesis from six weeks using traditional methods down to 48 hours using 3D printing.

The second day’s keynote was presented by Steve Goetzinger of Steelcase, a Fusion 360 and Forge customer. He engaged the audience with innovation habits used at his company and that are broadly applicable — about people, connections, jumping on opportunities for change.

High points at Autodesk Accelerate include the numerous customer presentations about their businesses and how they improve processes and results with Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle and other Autodesk tools. It is great to meet in person those we have worked with, emailed/spoken with or seen on the forums. Many presenting customers integrate (and/or plan to in the future) between Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle and PDMs such as Autodesk Vault as well as CRM and ERP systems. There were also examples of leveraging QR codes to access data and an iPad app that checks the security of a user and saves button clicks to open or close a task. Integration is an area that Razorleaf has assisted partners and customers in for over half a dozen years and one that looks to be more important to more businesses as PLM solutions grow.

Accelerate is a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships with our customers and partners as well as folks we interact with at Autodesk. It is exciting to see the different ways Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle and other Autodesk Fusion 360 tools have solved problems faced by today’s businesses and individuals. Next year’s conference will be held at the Steelcase plant in Grand Rapids, MI. For all things Fusion, don’t miss it!

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