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Blog 10-3-18 On October 24th, CIMdata will host its annual EMEA PLM Road Map Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. The theme of this year’s conference is Digitalizing Reality—PLM’s role in enabling the digital revolution. The rapidly increasing degree of digitalization impacts companies of all sizes, across all industries, and is often struggled with. This conference aims to provide valuable insights into this current trend of digitalization, the digital business it enables, and how to approach your company’s digital transformation.

With the revolutionary progress that is being made in automation, as well as in Internet technology, we are witnessing a host of digitalization trends emerging at a tremendous speed. Trends like IoT, IIoT, Industrie 4.0, Digital Twins, Additive Manufacturing, and Blockchain, have proven and are proving to be great business enablers. Already shortly after having been initiated they are being embraced by many companies across many industries and one can no longer ignore them. Everything physical has some kind of digital representation. That is one meaning of our conference title: we digitalize reality.

Digitalization has impacted industries at rapid speed, and is proving to be a lasting trend. One we don’t expect to go away, and so digitalization is today’s reality. That is the second meaning of our conference title: digitalizing is for real and it is here to stay. Deal with it.

We will have compelling stories from some great companies at this year’s PLM Road Map conference. While the conference will be of high value for any company, we structured the agenda with an eye on the Automotive industry. You may find that odd as the presenters come from other industries, and that was done with a purpose.

There are many events for automotive companies where the majority of presenters come from the automotive industry, and we don’t believe that attendees at this kind of event hear a lot that would be new to them. Also, there are cross-industry initiatives through which companies within the automotive industry work together.

With that in mind we created an agenda that includes four presentations from one of the most intensely regulated industries, namely the Aerospace Industry: Boeing, Moog, and Safran have some great experiences to share. In addition, one of the world’s largest business conglomerates, ABB, will present. In the final session of the event, two of the most influential PLM icons, Prof. Dr. Martin Eigner and Mr. Peter Bilello MSc. will come together in a fireplace conversation to discuss the trends and how to adopt them. They will also look beyond today and into the future to share their expert visions on what you can expect next.

In the PLM Collaboration Café, our sponsors Aras, ESI Group, ESTECO, Granta Design, HCL, Oracle, and TCS look forward to sharing their solution and support capabilities, as well as discussing their visions on digital transformation.

If you haven’t yet decided to register and attend the event, then I would strongly recommend you do. It offers a unique opportunity for learning, experience sharing, and networking. Please check our CIMdata website for more details and to register: https://www.cimdata.com/en/education/plm-conferences/2018-plmrmeurope-pdt.

I do look forward to meeting you on 24 October.


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