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Inspired by our continuously growing Drones Design group, this week we decided to highlight some of our favorite drone-related models. We’ve chosen models of everything from brushless motors to fertilizer drones. Check them out!

Firefighter Drone

This firefighter drone designed by Rajat Thakor contains ten inch propellers, four lithium ion batteries and two fire extinguishers, making it capable of putting out small fires from a very close distance.

Lumenier MX2206-9 POPO Brushless Motor

An incredibly detailed brushless motor created by Mitch Polly. Any compatible propellers can be attached to make this motor fly.


Designed in SOLIDWORKS, this drone appears to be lightweight, versatile and incredibly fast. Designer  definitely knows how to design a functional drone.

Box Wing Drone

An aerodynamic box wing drone designed by GrabCAD member Flaviano Crespi.

A Liquid Fertilizer Tank for an Agricultural Drone

Equipped with six small tanks, this drone, which was designed by GrabCAD member  is ideal for quick and effortless fertilization.

Lux Lumenier

A vital part for any racing drone. With the help of a few other parts found in the GrabCAD Library, Cezary Łączek created this switch board that replicates the Lux Lumenier flight controller.

Drone Concept

A very unique 3-propeller drone, designed by hobbyist Petr.

KFD (knife-fish-drone)

Inspired by the knifefish, Alireza Saberi designed this drone to mimic the aerodynamic shape of the sleek and fast fish.

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