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Evelyn Neumayr, Sustainability Product Strategist

The impact of supply chains on the environment as well as the economies and societies they touch is profound. Environmental impacts from supply chains can include greenhouse gas emissions, energy inefficiency, toxic waste, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, long-term damage to ecosystems, and hazardous air emissions. To ensure a sustainable supply chain, organizations need to embed sustainability considerations from a product’s ideation to managing the end of its useful life. To help achieve this, view the new Sustainable Supply Chain Digibook which explores:

  • Seven key supply chain functions that help make organizations more sustainable including product design, supply chain planning, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance and asset management, and product take-back
  • How to identify and drive sustainability initiatives across an organization’s supply chain
  • How Oracle’s modern suite of supply chain cloud solutions can support those sustainability initiatives while also delivering business value

Oracle SCM Cloud helps manage sustainability

There is also a new self-assessment tool that organizations can use to answer a short series of questions in order to determine how sustainable a supply chain is when compared to others. The tool then provides additional recommended content that can be explored further to improve the sustainability of an organization’s supply chain. 

With these new tools, it is evident that sustainability does not just mean making choices and building processes that are better for the environment. Sustainability also means eliminating inefficiency, finding solutions that are more cost-effective, building brand equity, and managing risk. Organizations across all industries can use Oracle’s supply-chain solutions to design more environmentally-friendly products, source materials more responsibly, and manufacture and transport goods in more sustainable ways. Use these new tools help make your organization’s supply chain more sustainable while delivering business value.

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