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Well, it’s almost that time. The newest version of DriveWorks is in development now. Actually, the newest version is always in development, I suppose. But now, DriveWorks 16 is getting close to its release date.

So, what new magic functionality is going to premiere in DriveWorks 16?

That’s one big reason why we all go to DriveWorks World. And it’s one reason that you should consider going, too.

DriveWorks World 2018 returns to the far side of the pond, just down the proverbial street from The Barley Store, the not-so-secret hideout of Team DriveWorks. This annual conference alternates locations between the US and the UK. With last year’s event in Atlanta, GA, USA this year’s event returns to scenic Warrington, Cheshire, UK.

Having been fortunate enough to attend every DriveWorks World in the past 40 years (technically, that’s true), I can tell you that I have never been disappointed in the interactions that I’ve had with other users at the conference. DriveWorks is a very unique product that is so flexible that you will find so many ways to approach a problem or discover a new application. The format and venue and attendees at the DriveWorks World conference create an atmosphere where conversations bounce easily from friendly topics to technical exchange.

Benefits of Attending

At three days in length, DriveWorks World is long enough to get to some quality time with other users, to get that sneak peek into DriveWorks 16, rub elbows and ask your nagging questions to real live DriveWorks folks, and to take in some high-quality presentations. But the conference isn’t so long that you come home drained, trying to remember a fraction of what you learned.

I will attest that the general session at DriveWorks World is focused on providing valuable and relevant content. DriveWorks organizers hand-pick presenters from companies that have pushed DriveWorks into the realm of “wow, that’s amazing, I never thought of that”. Every year, I am able to turn this kind of inspiration into direct results for our Razorleaf DriveWorks clients.

While the general session presentations are designed to provide inspiration, the technical sessions are designed to fill your arsenal with the tools that you need to apply those new ideas. These sessions are divided into tracks to accommodate those that need or want basic training and those of us that are hardcore enough to have DriveWorks logo tattoos (it’s a long story). From creating professional-quality user interfaces to fine-tuning the performance of your SQL Server and hardware to 3D Preview and even API, it’s all there. And with the DriveWorks HQ so close, there are no better subject matter experts than the people that actually make and support the product. DriveWorks World provides the opportunity to learn from and chat up some of the key people in the DriveWorks universe.

So, you want to know what’s new in DriveWorks 16? Well, the best way to find out is to register at www.DriveWorksWorld.com. Then you can find out directly from the minds that conceived and executed on the ideas that will become DriveWorks 16. And having the opportunity to ask them, in person, how they intended the functionality to be used and to ask others how they push the functionality beyond that vision is priceless. OK, so there is a price, it’s on the website, but it’s a very reasonable price, and worth every quid.

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