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Star Wars? Star Trek? Battlestar Galactica?

If you’re a science fiction fan, you’ll probably find at least a few models you’ll like in the GrabCAD Community Library of over 2.7 million free online CAD models. And, since we were feeling a real sci-fi vibe lately, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite models from that section of our library:

Terrafugia TF-X Flying Formula

We just love all the thought that member  put into the design of this flying vehicle concept, because this seems like a design that could actually fly (we also love how the parts for this design came from the GrabCAD Community)!

Guardian Helm

This helmet is just a great design by , but we’re sure it could also have many practical uses in the future. We want one!

Future Commuter Craft

Grabby likes this commuter craft from the future so much that he decided to hitch a ride! Rendered in SOLIDWORKS by GrabCAD member .

Mars Expedition Vehicle Concept- Mobile Science Lab

GrabCAD member  created this model as a way to figure out how to help astronauts in future travels to Mars.

BSG Viper Mk I Space Fighter

Who can guess what classic sci-fi TV show this design by  was modeled on?

Sci-Fi Monster Helmet

Futuristic helmet designs seem to be a popular way for our members to let their creativity run wild. This one was modeled using PTC Creo by Madhu Balan.


ATHK-K9: All Terrain Hunter Killer K9 (nickname: Brutus) by .


This is just a funky design by  that looks like it would be a very fun ship to cruise around space in.

Steampunk Compass With Code Area

This steampunk styled compass is combined with an alphanumeric symbol and colour code. To get access to the compass, you have to rotate the free wheels with alphabetic character, mummery and symbols in the right position. It’s a very novel design by 


The Landmaster is a unique 12-wheeled amphibious articulated vehicle constructed by Dean Jeffries at Jeffries Automotive in Universal City, California for the 1977 science fiction film Damnation Alley.

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