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Inflexible systems, limited functionality, and poor visibility – three major challenges to meeting the demands of the modern marketplace.

How should businesses manage their supply chains in a connected, globalized world? More specifically, how are they managing their warehouse management systems (WMS)?

Keeping warehouse operating costs to an absolute minimum while ensuring there is always just enough stock in the right locations can have a major positive impact on a business’s bottom line, and today, best-of-breed warehouse management solutions running in the cloud can deliver outstanding operational efficiency and cost savings, helping any business meet their operational challenges before they arrive.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Calculator

Achieve speed and savings in the cloud

The benefits of moving supply chain management activities to the cloud are well understood, with faster implementation (61%), cost savings (60%), improved customer service (59%), the ability to leverage new technologies (54%) and stronger security (53%) the top five advantages expected by respondents to a recent IDG survey.

For warehouse management solutions, the cloud offers far greater access to resources for technological innovation, including integrations with other cloud solutions that form an overall supply chain. That means both that businesses can enrich their warehouse management systems with specialist tools that are only available online, and also that they can integrate their supply chains with other cloud-based business platforms, such as procurement or ERP cloud.

Moreover, with cloud-based deployment, businesses avoid the added cost of maintenance. A cloud-based WMS platform is maintained and upgraded remotely by the service provider, ensuring stronger security, better performance and a gradually richer feature set.

Best-of-breed warehouse management capabilities

A modern warehouse management solution, running in the cloud, delivers a wide range of operational efficiencies and other benefits. Businesses gain a centralized, 360-degree view of their global inventories and shipments, giving them complete, real-time visibility of all their stock. The system is accessible via standard web browsers and mobile devices from anywhere in the world, enabling maximum flexibility.

Users will be able to perform all of the essential activities – pick, pack, load, ship/ manifest support, kitting, de-kitting and so on – while also viewing advanced analytics in real time. That means they will be able to accurately identify potential issues as early as possible – perhaps even before they happen – and then take quick action to remedy or prevent them.

Overall, you will be able to reduce operating costs by improving your warehouse employees’ productivity and by optimizing utilization of space. Your inventory costs will fall as you manage your stock more accurately in real-time, reduce shipping errors and lose less product. And ultimately, these efficiencies will all feed through to improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, generating increased sales revenues.

Warehouse Management System ROI Calculator

Deliver strong returns

So how much extra will it cost to deliver these benefits? Actually, you stand to save money by moving towards a modern, cloud-based warehouse management platform, and we can show you how.

Try our online Warehouse Management ROI calculator, and find out exactly how much your business can benefit from Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud across these five key areas:

  • Optimizing warehouse labor costs
  • Minimizing inventory
  • Delivering software support and upgrades
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure and staffing
  • Improving materials handling

The tool is very easy to use. Simply enter a few basic details about your business and industry, fine-tune the data, and then receive a personalized report about how much you can save in each of the areas above. There’s also a wealth of informative content available on the website for background information.

Get your own personalized report

Use our Warehouse Management ROI calculator now to see how much you can save, and discover the real value to your business of cloud-based warehouse management.

Oracle Warehouse Management Calculator

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