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Matt Johnson, Senior Director, Product Strategy

When Daylight Savings Time took effect this weekend, I had to reset the time on each of the programmable thermostats in our house. They’re older models that don’t update to the new time on their own.

I waited impatiently for the digits on each unit to forward an hour, daydreaming about more adaptive systems. That turned my thoughts to Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud. We often talk about how it delivers “adaptive supply chain planning,” but what do we really mean by that?

As I moved in between rooms, I decided that adaptive supply chain planning boils down to three things:

  1. Adapting to changes in supply and demand. Just as a thermostat should automatically update its clock to Daylight Savings Time, planning solutions should automatically adjust to changes in supply and demand. For example, Oracle Demand Management Cloud continuously evaluates the fit of each forecasting algorithm as it receives new data, and revises the contribution of multiple statistical methods to anticipate demand pattern changes.  
  2. Adapting to your business. Some product categories or markets are stable, while others fluctuate day-to-day. Each has different metrics and objectives. You need to manage each business segment independently, but you want one unified plan. With Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud, you can vary planning parameters for different subsets of your plan. Each has its own selection of forecasting algorithms, safety stock policies, and supply planning horizons.  
  3.  Adapting to your preferences. Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud comes preconfigured out-of-the-box, so you can get to work right away. But it’s also easy to tailor your analytics, plan dimensions, screen layouts, exceptions and other features to suit your way of working.

Adaptive Supply Chain Planning Infographic

Fortunately, this is the last time that I’ll have to reset those old thermostats. We’re getting a new system with Wi-Fi enabled controls. It will not only understand our time zone changes, but will adapt to our daily habits over time. What about you? Are you upgrading your planning applications to a more adaptive solution?

Visit our website for a quick tour of Supply Chain Planning Cloud or to learn more about how Oracle can help you transform your supply chain.

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