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It’s that time again where we show off some of our favorite 3D CAD models recently added to the GrabCAD Community. This week we are taking a look at the finalists from the GrabCAD Bike Accessory Challenge.  These CAD models were designed to be fully 3D printed and attached to a bicycle.

The Bike Accessory Challenge had three categories that the designs had to fit into:

  1. Make your commute easier
  2. Improve the capabilities of your bike
  3. Make it more fun to ride

While the challenge required participants to design their model for 3D printing, it did allow them to use (screws, nuts, etc) to attach it to the bike.

Here are the finalists:

Flying Pedals – Make it more fun to ride

These simple and elegantly designed caps for your bike pedals will be sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd! Inspired by the God Hermes,  allows you to strap on the flying sandals of Greek mythology everytime you take a ride on your bike!


Handlebar Windshield – Make your commute easier

The straightforward design and the ability to 3D print this design were what originally caught our eye!  clearly understands some of the pain we experience commuting to work in New England winters. These handlebar windshields are a great solution.


Air Pump Integrated Bicycle – Improve the capabilities of your bike

This was a very out of the box idea and a very creative solution to the common dilemma of having a flat tire and no bike pump.  takes an innovative approach by including the pump as part of the bike.


Spinning Bike Reflector – Make your commute easier

This innovative design was a simple solution to a very common issue when driving on busy streets.  uses the pinwheel design to harness air flow to help spin the rotor when riding.


Free Size Holder 2 – Improve the capabilities of your bike

Simple and scalable design. This model by  can accommodate all kinds of tools to improve your bike’s capabilities.


Bicycle Bubble Machine – Make it more fun to ride

We have to admit it, bubbles are a lot of fun! This model by Dhanasekar Vinayagamoorthy harnesses the power of wind to allow for a steady stream of bubbles off the back of your bike.


Bike Gyro – Improve the capability of your bike

By taking a page out of our Crutch Challenge, this model by JP utilizes the stabilizing properties of a gyro. JP claims you can even attach a GoPro to the gyro in order to snap some epic videos of your evening commute.


FlexiBike – Improve the capability of your bike

What an interesting and great design! This model by Ali ZAHI looks like it would be fun to print using some of our more flexible materials.


Telescopic Mud Fender – Make your commute easier

We see mud fenders all the time on our local bike paths but rarely do we ever see telescopic mud fenders. Nikola Mudrinski includes some really interesting functionality to this part by allowing for its easy storage and assembly.


Bicycle Tail Light – Make your commute easier

Very creative idea. House cleverly utilizes the mechanical functionality of the brakes to cause the brake tail light to flash red.


Bike Beverage Cooler – Make it fun to ride

What a great idea! Fred Co designed a clever solution to not only bring your drinks with you, but to also keep them cool as you ride.


Corn Eater – Make it fun to ride

Last, but not least we have to give credit to Marc Ahlborg for this true original design. The corn eater is designed to harness the power of the wind to roatate your corn on the cob as you ride. Simply lean forward and take a bite.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this challenge. We had a total of 151 entries for the challenge and it was very difficult for the team here to choose our finalists out of all the amazing submissions.

If you feel inspired by these designs and you want to take part in our next challenge, click here to check out our active challenges!

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