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It’s that time again where we show off some of our favorite CAD models recently added to the GrabCAD Community Library. Here’s what we picked out this week:

“Old Barrel” The Retro Machine

How can you not appreciate the design of this retro streamlined racing motorcycle from GrabCAD Community member ? The retro design features rounded covers for the front and rear wheels, aerodynamically improved fork and transparent fairing showing all the details of a V6 engine.


This eye-catching drone was designed by the team at  using SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Plier Set

A good set of pliers can be a pretty indispensable tool for most engineers. GrabCAD member  designed this tool using SOLIDWORKS 2015.

Folding Chair 

A very creative design for a folding chair by using SOLIDWORKS.

Diving Bell

A diving bell used for deep sea exploration designed in SOLIDWORKS by .

Wheel Loader 

This wheel loader, which is used on construction sites, was designed in SOLIDWORKS 13 and rendered using KeyShot 7.

Medieval Crane

A very novel design for a medieval crane using SOLIDWORKS by .

Artistically Crafted Ring

This customized promise ring was designed in Rhino by .

Mechanical Spider

We thought this mechanical robot spider design that started off a sketch from a piece of paper by  was pretty cool.

Here are some other benefits of being a member of the GrabCAD Community. 

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