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Elspeth Payne, Principal Product Manager in Training Development

We’re all aware of how critical transportation management is to any company that has to move a lot of freight.  If you’re reading this, you might not be aware of just how much Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) can help you streamline your practices for cost reductions, increases in on-time delivery, and process efficiency. OTM is really configurable. You can do a great deal to align it with your company business practices. 

Business alignment is great if you’re configuring the software for your enterprise, but a little more challenging if you’re charged with training people how to configure it.  In a perfect education environment, every company would have their own employee training sessions focused just on their practices – and Oracle Application Consultant Services will do just that for you. But for the OTM basics, Oracle University offers a single course, OTM 6.3 Core Competence, which covers the central concepts you need to understand. 

To meet your training needs, there are several ways we have offered this Core Competence class:

  • Oracle experts offer Core Competence as a Live Virtual Class, saving you the trouble and expense of travel. You log in from your own location.  An Oracle instructor presents the class over the Internet. You have a real person available to answer questions, and all the same lab practices you would if you’d travelled to an Oracle classroom, and booked hotel and air travel. 
  • For companies that want to cover the OTM basics while saving a bit of cash, there’s Training on Demand (TOD) – an Oracle course recorded by the same experts that would be in a classroom with you.  You can submit questions, which are transmitted to the instructor wherever they are. There tends to be some lag with getting a response as the question has to be routed to the right expert, but since TODs are recorded you can continue on with other lessons, or pick it back up a bit later.
  • We also teach OTM 6.3 Core Competence in a classroom, but it isn’t offered that way as often. Your best bet here is to arrange a private class, where our expert comes to your employees.

The latest, greatest construct in Oracle Education is the Learning Subscription (LS). With a Learning Subscription, you have access to recorded lessons, skills checks and assessments for an entire year. We added OTM’s Training On Demand Core Competence course to the Unlimited Product Learning Subscription, which gives you access to ALL our Learning Subscriptions and Training On Demand recordings for one whole year.  If you have more than one Oracle product, the Unlimited Product Learning Subscription is a great way to make a lot of organized, curated product training easily accessible.  We’re pretty happy about this, and we hope you will be too.

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