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In early November Razorleaf attended Dassault’s annual 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Forum. This year the forum drew more than 500 attendees from North America and the event boasted industry-specific tracks covering 7 of the 12 industries Dassault addresses with its software portfolio.

There were many themes at this year’s forum, but the most emphasized themes were model-based systems engineering and end-to-end process simulation. The event was held in Hollywood, FL at the Diplomat hotel and conference center.

Although many customers struggle with the value of attending such a conference, Razorleaf would state that with the number of attendees, the number of and variety of tracks and topics that the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum is a worthwhile event to attend for any Dassault customer.

Below are a few notable summaries of the more than 40 presentations conducted during the two-day event.

Manufacturing Simulation – Honda North America us leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to perform end-to-end manufacturing process simulation to optimize their vehicle assembly process before building the line.

3D Printing in Life Sciences – By taking advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, startup BIOMODEX is developing complex medical items and processes like exoskeletal and implantable devices and prosthetics.

BIOMODEX is also 3D printing simulation data for complex medical procedure scenario planning, enabling surgeons to perform surgeries they previously would decline. The future for BIOMODEX is bioprinting, 3D printing of replacement body parts.

Building a Common MOM Solution – Cummins gave a presentation on the importance of having a common MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) solution. Cummins complex plant processes could mean a single product change would require an update to hundreds of processes resulting in impossible to manage system quality.

The challenge Cummins faced was to build a common MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to support all products at plants around the globe with over 99% uptime and integration with many legacy systems all without adding significant technical resources to each plant.

Planning for the unexpected

High Tech Supply Chain for Start-Ups – Romeo Power, a startup company in the energy storage market is helping companies overcome the current limitations in energy storage. Romeo Power is using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to speed up its NPI (New Product Introduction) process which incorporates the sharing of data with its supply chain.

High Tech Transforming the World – Olivier Ribet gave a compelling presentation on Dassault’s High Tech solution portfolio that is focusing on continuous innovation by designing and simulating a customer experience and then by using IoT (internet of things) to provide real customer use feedback to improve a product’s performance.


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