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Since there’s so many models available for download from the GrabCAD Community Library, we like to browse the recent uploads every so often and pick out some of our favorites.

Here’s what we came up with this week:

V12 Engine

This V12 engine, which includes a nice rendering, was modeled in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 by GrabCAD Community member Fachryal Hiltansyah.

Downhill Bike

A downhill bike (also known as a downhill mountain bike) is a full suspension bicycle designed for downhill cycling on particularly steep, rocky trails. This one was designed by GrabCAD member Leonardo.

Contemporary Bathroom

It’s not just gears, engines, and CNC machines on the GrabCAD Library. Here’s a sleek design for a contemporary bathroom that was modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2015 and rendered in KeyShot Pro 6.0 by Adrian Soldado.


You could get a lot of work done with this sweet forklift design by Emre that was modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

LPG Carrier

An LPG Carrier, or tanker, is intended to transport large quantities of gas by sea. This one was designed by Taufiqul Islam.

Boeing 737-800

Great model of a Boeing 737-800 by Burak Yurdakul. He used SOLIDWORKS for drawing and KeyShot for rendering.


This ingenious design by Ersin could help give you a real boost. How high do you think you could jump with these on?

Power Supply

A model of a DC Power Supply Box by Serj Minin. Nice job!

Arleigh Burke Class of Guided Missile Destroyer

This United State naval vessel was named for Admiral Arleigh Burke, the most famous American destroyer officer of World War II. This model was designed on a 1:1 scale by Ali Zahid

Ball Valve Flanged

Designed to handle process applications, these valves are ideal for automation.

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