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With over 2.37 CAD files available for download in the GrabCAD Community Library, and more being added daily, there’s a lot of models to choose from on there.

Which is why we like to take a deep dive into the Library every once in awhile and pick out some of our favorite 3D models that were recently added. Like these ones:

F1 2018 ” The Knight”

We love this concept design for a Formula 1 race car by GrabCAD Community member Ondřej Novák. It looks like it’s super fast, and Novák believes that the sleekness of this design has managed to shave 4.7 seconds per lap compared to a previous race car he designed in 2017.

9V Battery

With the holiday season right around the corner, who couldn’t use a model of a 9V battery. We’re sure it could come in handy for plenty of toy designs.

Starch Cooking Unit

An industrial sized starch cooking unit by Cengiz Aydın.

GDZ Series Spindle

This design of a GDZ-23 spindle has overall dimensions of 80x235mm and is mainly used for woodworking and engraving. It was designed in SOLIDWORKS by Serj Minin.

DC Motor

A DC motor is any of a class of rotary electrical machines that converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. This one was designed by Sazal Majumdar using SOLIDWORKS.

Dry Bulk Trailer

A dry bulk, or pneumatic trailer is used to transport large quantities of dry raw materials. This one was designed by Eduardo Reza using SOLIDWORKS.

Grizzly G1007 Mill CNC Conversion

We found this model interesting because GrabCAD member Rich Gillen is asking for help converting this model of a Grizzly G1007 mill into a CNC machine. Can you help him?

10-Foot Cube Container

These types of containers are used in maritime shipping. A useful model designed by Julien Le Quellec.

Kee Clamp Flange 61-6

This model of a kee clamp flange by Tobias Hansen can be used to make quick railings for water pipes.

24-Inch Monitor

We can think of tons of practical applications for this model of a generic 24-inch video monitor by Marcelo Lima.

There’s a lot more to GrabCAD than just its Library. Here’s more beneficial things you can do with a GrabCAD membership. 

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