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Violet Lumani, Senior Campaign Marketing Manager

Here at Oracle, we treat supply chain management as an end-to-end experience – a connected set of processes, requiring full visibility and maximum efficiency so your business can focus on growth — so your business can GO.

In today’s technological environment of constant change and innovation, an inefficient supply chain process can slow an organization down significantly. In order to keep up, supply chain organizations require rapid monitoring, simulation, and response capabilities to enhance the quality and speed of decision making.

Currently, only 53% of companies use demand forecasting tools, 48% of companies use integrated business planning tools and 13% of companies have visibility into their supply chains.

Oracle’s continued investment and commitment to best-of-breed cloud applications has resulted in the launch of an initiative that we call the “Business of GO”- to help organizations achieve digital transformation, operational agility, and confident growth.

We’ve created a new microsite to serve as a resource for supply chain executives to cut down on costs, increase visibility, and free up valuable time to GO on other facets of the business that require their time. Each of the sections on the microsite includes a wealth of resources, including infographics, e-books, and videos to help you prepare your business to GO forward.

GO End-to-End

Multichannel buyers spend 30%-50% more than single channel buyers, and companies can lose up to 4.5% revenue when processes, technologies, and corporate structures are not fully synchronized in a clear omni-channel strategy. This results in greater fulfillment complexity, greater costs, and lower inventory turns.

Oracle SCM cloud applications give companies complete visibility from distribution centers to the store shelf, ensuring customer-centric fulfillment, and security, stability and flexibility in the cloud. A complete solution that connects your organization’s manufacturing, maintenance, supply chain, and financial applications allow supply chain executives the ability to adapt to changing customer demands, reduce risk, and convert ideas into high-performance products and processes.

Improve customer service, increase margins, reduce inventory investment waste, minimize supply disruptions. For customer success stories from industry leaders, demos, and more information please visit our SCM Business of Go page — are you ready to GO?

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