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At more than 2.35 million free CAD files, the GrabCAD Community Library is the place to go if you’re looking for a 3D model. With more models being uploaded every day, we like to take a deep dive into the Library every once in a while to find some of our favorites that were recently added. 

Here’s what we came up with this time:

3D Printable Drone

This design by OMNICAD Design & Engineering Solutions also uses parts from GrabCAD member and designer Arduino Due , which was used for rendering purposes.

Adaptive Open Source CNC

Modeled in SOLIDWORKS, this CNC machine was designed by GrabCAD Community member Igor Sokolov based on commonly available components found online.


Modeled in Catia and rendered in KeyShot by Mohamed salah Sakkouhi.

Screw Conveyor

This model of a screw conveyor by mikhail125 has a 102mm diameter.

McLaren M23

The McLaren M23 was a Formula One racing car designed by Gordon Coppuck. This one was modeled in Autodesk and rendered in Rhino by Rasika Sikara.

Sonic Screwdriver

All you Doctor Who fans out there will probably appreciate this model of a sonic screwdriver by Mayara Gualberto.

The Photonizer

This Dual Laser Long Range Weapon System might not actually exist yet, but we think it’s an excellent design by Hans de Ridder.

Industrial Drums

Here’s a whole bunch of industrial drums in varying shapes and sizes modeled in SOLIDWORKS by Waqas Yousaf.

The Ring

OK, all you Lord of the Rings fans out there can probably spot right off the bat that this is not an exact replica of the One Ring, but it’s still a cool idea and a great model by Doc Show.

Vision Machine Quality Control System

Designed to inspect small components in manufacturing and ensure quality control. Another impressive design by OMNICAD Design & Engineering Solutions.

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