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At more than 4 million members, GrabCAD is the largest online Community of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and students on the planet. It’s a place where members can connect, share ideas, learn, and teach other professionals your skills.

Here’s 10 facts about GrabCAD you might not have known that can be beneficial to you and your career:

  1. CAD Files
    At more than 2.35 million free CAD files, the GrabCAD Community Library is the place to go if you’re looking for a 3D model. In the Library, you’ll find models of everything from industrial conveyor belts to 3D printable prosthetic duck legs (seriously).
  2. Renderings
    If you really want to bring attention to your models, including a rendering helps a lot. Models that have a rendering typically get more likes, downloads, and comments than those that do not, which helps drive up your GrabCAD score. You might be saying to yourself that your rendering skills are not up to par, but there are plenty of helpful Tutorials on the GrabCAD Community to teach you those skills.
  3. Tutorials
    Which brings us to the next great thing you might not have known about GrabCAD: Tutorials. Besides being a great way to raise your GrabCAD score and visibility to other members, Tutorials embody the communal experience and the spirit of open engineering GrabCAD was founded on. The Tutorials section of GrabCAD is a great place to learn new skills and share your knowledge with others.
  4. Profiles 
    Employers use GrabCAD to find engineers and designers, so filling out your profile completely and keeping it up to date makes it easier for companies and hiring managers to find you and see your work.
  5. Scoring
    Your GrabCAD Score is pretty important. Not only is GrabCAD’s scoring system a fun way to track your progress and professional growth, but it also helps you see where you stand among your peers. If your GrabCAD score is not as high as you’d like it to be, here’s a helpful Tutorial that teaches you some tips to raise that score.
  6. Jobs
    We are always hiring! We are always looking for engineering – software, mechanical – talent. We’re part of Stratasys, the leading 3D Printing company in the world, with offices in Minnesota (Eden Prairie), Massachusetts (Cambridge), United Kingdom (Cambridge), Israel (Rehovot), and Estonia (Tallinn). Check out our jobs page if you’re interested in working for GrabCAD.
  7. GrabCAD Workbench
    GrabCAD offers a free PDM lite solution called GrabCAD Workbench. GrabCAD Workbench enables secure, private collaboration for CAD-based projects. It’s a free and simple way to share and manage joint projects. If you work on CAD projects that require collaboration between separate teams or across multiple locations, than GrabCAD Workbench could be the perfect solution for you and your team.
  8. GrabCAD Print
    We make 3D printing software too! GrabCAD Print is our software solution designed to make 3D printing easy, connected, and accessible. GrabCAD Print is also free to all members and now powers most Stratasys 3D printers.
  9. Challenges
    You can win fame, glory, bragging rights, and prizes by competing in GrabCAD Challenges. Challenges are a great way to show off your skills, raise your profile in the Community, and win prizes by solving real design problems. And being able to brag that you won a GrabCAD Design Challenge looks great on any resume.
  10. Open Engineering
    At GrabCAD, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – literally. The GrabCAD Community was founded on the principle that, by members contributing to and taking models from the Library, there would be no need to waste time or effort designing parts that someone else already designed. If you are designing a motorcycle, or a piece of industrial equipment, you shouldn’t have to take the time to painstakingly recreate a wheel, or a bolt. Instead, through the GrabCAD Community you can easily find a CAD file and use that in your design (just make sure to give credit where credit is due!).

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